DIAVHT -Brief Notes

The most advancing technology today in the world is giving the most luxurious, extra ordinary and beautiful living experience. Home theatre is one such boon of the technology. Installation of the Custom Home theatre is the utmost important thing. Properly installing the home theatre is as essential as buying a best product. Installation process is a mixture of art, skill and proper technical or scientific knowledge. Custom Home theatre installation should be such that it provides unwarring and premier performance. DIAVHT is an excellent resource for this.

Planning before installation is very essential, as a well planned installation will later save lots of money and time. Planning regarding room, system, lighting, sound, wiring, comfort etc is very essential. Coming to the room, where installation will be done, it should spacious enough to accommodate the system. Before installing the home theater, measurements of room should be taken and plan accordingly. Measuring twice before is better rather than re-installing the system, if anything gives wrong. Do it rightly for once.

Lighting for the room is another most important factor to be kept in mind. Too much of lighting is not good for projectors. Hence a moderate lighting system should be made. Indirect lighting, where lights are placed behind the screen or soft lights where they are placed by the side of the screen are recommended. Dimmer switches are a good choice. Mood lighting can also be tried.

Smart wiring is very essential. It prevents messing up the room with many wires and also makes the room look good. Labeling for the wires is good option as it will not disturb the whole setting when one wire has to be removed from the tangled wire mass. Color coded wires are also another choice. Good quality, higher end cables should be used instead of cheap quality cable wires and it turns to be worthful later. Organization of wires should be taken care of.

Sound is the base of the Home theater installation and drags the concentration of the installer. Speakers’ placement should be taken care of. If the customer wants the speakers to visible, they can be placed outside. If they do not want, the speakers can be enclosed adjacement or below the screen or in the ceiling above, where speakers will be amplified and proper distribution of sound will be taken care of. Help of acoustics designer can be taken.